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My Gluten Free Journey

A happy mom whose life has dramatically changed with gluten-free diet.

The first thing I can say that gluten-free diet has changed my life. I started my gluten-free diet
about three years ago because of severe and endless health issues. Well, now I can totally
understand that some of these issues that I had for years were because of gluten.
Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t have believed if anyone else had said that to me, but things
changed when I experienced it personally. 
I have rheumatism for years. And that’s not all of the story. I also have osteoarthritis
(calcification in hands, shoulders, knees and feet), fibromyalgia, morning muscle cramps,
waist/neck/back pain, and migraine – well basically anything that you wouldn’t want to have.
I also have a minimal leakage in my heart valve due to the rheumatic inflammation I
experienced in my childhood. However, despite all these complaints, I am a very active person
indeed – you could expect nothing less from a mother of three, thankfully.

Three years ago, when I started waking up with the same complaints every day and even
couldn’t move,

I said to myself; “it is something totally different”

It was like all these complaints appeared in chronological order day by day. First, itching and
redness on the arms and neck, then tachycardia and hypertension and last but not least
gastroenterological complaints had emerged. These symptoms were followed by a feeling of
getting faint and unfortunately followed by severe migraine attacks.
As these endless complaints became more frequent than ever, I started visiting many doctors to
find a cure – as once said 
Since the first diagnosis was tachycardia and hypertension – which was very bizarre since I had
always experienced lower blood pressure – I was referred to a cardiologist. After many tests,
doctors could not find anything than what was already diagnosed – minimal heart leak.
After that, several tests were made with suspicion of diabetics, insulin resistance etc., but the
result was the same – nothing could be found.
It was hard to believe when I thought of my complaints and enduring pain, but according to
results I was completely healthy!?!
However my complaints were continuing. Then I paid a visit to a gastroenterologist based on my
stomachache and digestive system problems. 
Same story – again the tests, medical examinations etc. There were no change with the results.
I was super healthy. So what was I doing at the doctor’s office?!?
In this process, the most annoying thing was the attitude of people looking for a psychological
basis for my complaints. I felt sick, because I was sick but I could not make anyone believe me
on this. At least until that weekend when I was almost had a blackout. Fortunately, my husband
was with at home me at this time.
Since I had a lot of experience with doctors, this time I tried to diagnose myself. Maybe,
something I ate make me sick. I love pastries and I had eaten a lot – maybe that could be the
reason. I decided to stop eating them. For couple of days, I did not eat any. I thought I was
feeling better, but I couldn’t be sure. Until the day when I ate bulgur salad. The next day
flashbacks from the same old horror movie are on; same complaints, same pains etc. So it must
have been because of bulghur. Then I decided to try gluten-free diet. 
But still I continued to visit doctors to find out the reason why I was like that right now because I
hadn’t been like this before. But the result of the allergy tests for gluten, wheat and so on were
negative – dead end.
Even the doctors were surprised why I was not eating gluten and they said that I shouldn’t get it
out of my life completely, I should be eating things with gluten sometimes. So I did what I was
told – I ate, but the result had always been the same – old complaints were back.
Well finally, I decided to listen to my inner voice. There was nothing to lose.
Since by experience gluten was bad for me and I couldn’t even take care of myself and my
family when I ate it, why should I insist to eat it?!? 
So that day, I made my decision and I completely cut out gluten-containing foods from my life!!!
Within 2-3 months, my complaints about rheumatic pains, joint swellings were gone improved
It might be sound impossible at the beginning. I can assure you that if someone like me -who
love pastry, chocolate, sweet and a lot of thing that contain gluten, were able to give up all of
these, I believe everyone can do it. I was also thinking to give up these things was impossible –
at the very beginning. Although I could start a gluten-free diet, I didn’t believe to sustain it and I
didn’t want to deprive myself of these beauties of life.
Well, this is my 3rd year without gluten and I can easily say that you can do this if you really
want and lose any beauties of life. I also believe that it will be much easier to say that it is
possible for everyone as the price differences disappear. 
I am asking for everyone who has gluten sensitivity, why not be healthy, feel better? Why should
we live with pains, complaints in our bodies?
I learned with trial and error method that I have a gluten sensitivity – self-elimination test. And I
realized that my body also reacts to lactose and corn products. When I discovered that my body
got worse when I ate gluten-free products but with corn flour or starch, I cut them from my diet,
Now, I am much more happy, healthy and I feel lighter.